Disciplinary Action Adventures: “I, Gerald”

This particular comic requires something of an introduction:

Some weeks ago I began reading and was thoroughly amused by the incredibly funny adventures of Gerald, the Articulate Kobold over at Righteous Orbs. I didn’t think anything of it until Alas of Kiss My Alas fame asked if I would be interested in illustrating a snippet of Gerald’s adventures.

Tamarind, discipline priest, “I, Gerald” author, and half of the writing genius behind Righteous Orbs gave Alas his blessing and Gerald’s adventures were brought to comic life.

The comic turned out pretty well, if I say so myself, but it’s not a patch on the excellent series. Do go read it in its entirety!




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      • I understand if you refuse Alas she sets flowers on you. The sneezing alone is horrific.

        I’m honestly touched you wanted to do it, I’m in no way precious about anything I write. Words they am for sharing. I hope you had fun πŸ™‚


  1. Speaking for myself, I think this looks fantastic! You are spared all the terrible things I claimed would happen. Not that I recall claiming any such thing.

    Kudos to you and to Tam for doing all the real work here, and to Tam for being generally cool with all the lame ideas I have lobbed his way. This one was better realized than I could have hoped!

    Please ma’am, may we have some more?


    • Just a one-off, I fear! Alas was so convincing, but sadly Gerald takes about twice as long as a normal comic, due to his immobile features (those kobolds! always with the problems!). Plus I have to quit while I’m ahead!


  2. That was too awesome. I love reading about the adventures of Gerald on Righteous Orbs and this was a fun find! Too bad you’re not planning on more adaptations, but if it’s a pain to do, then it’s (alas) completely understandable. Maybe you could do some when the mood strikes you, highlighting the best of Gerald’s fight to save his people’s candles?

    *puts on puppy dog face, gives bribes of candy and hot chocolate*


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