Disc Priest Cataclysm Gear: Levels 80-85


The new Cataclysm levels, 80 through 85, will be undertaken primarily in the new zones of Vash’jir (80-82), Mount Hyjal (80-82), Deepholm (82-83), Uldum (83-84), the Twilight Highlands (84-85) and in the PvP Tol Barad, as well as through the LFD tool.

The recommendations below will assist you while leveling, while in normal instances, and beginning to run heroic instances. These suggestions do not include low-, mid-, and high-level raiding suggestions, which can be found instead in our Disc Priest Cataclysm Raiding Gear Guide. This guide also does not include those items which can be found in heroic instances (see low-level raiding gear for those choices).

We’re still maximizing:
Spirit > Intellect > Critical > Haste > Stamina

Be sure to check out our Disc Priest Leveling Guide: Levels 80 – 85 (incoming!).

Heirloom gear is not included in this list, but is dicussed here.


An exhaustive list of enchantments would be too exhausting to contemplate, so for each piece I simply recommend one enchantment that I think gets the job done and will serve you well for most of your five levels. Re-enchanting leveling gear is, I think, neither time nor cost effective given the relatively small benefit you’ll enjoy while leveling.



Best In Show: Overly Intelligent Robes (H) / Overly Intelligent Robes (A)

Alternative 1: Anraphet’s Regalia
Alternative 2: Robes of Rampant Growth
Alternative 3: Robes of Orsis
Alternative 4: Robes of Khintaset

Enchantment: Scroll of Enchant Chest – Powerful StatsScroll of Enchant Chest – Super Stats, or Scroll of Enchant Chest – Exceptional Stats


Best In Show: Bastion-Clearing Leggings (H) / Narkall’s Leggings (A)

Alternative 1: Legwraps of Astral Rain
Alternative 2: Emberfire Pants BEST BUY!
Alternative 3: Curse-Tainted Leggings

Enchantment: Powerful Ghostly SpellthreadPowerful Enchanted Spellthread, or Brilliant Spellthread


Best In Show: Hekatic Slippers

Alternative 1: Fireweave Boots BEST BUY!
Alternative 2: Titanic Treads
Alternative 3: Medic’s Bloodstained Sandals

Enchantment: Scroll of Enchant Boots – Icewalker,  Scroll of Enchant Boots – Surefooted, or Scroll of Enchant Boots – Greater Spirit


Best In Show: Blight-Lifter’s Mantle

Alternative 1: Mantle of Master Cho
Alternative 2: Spaulders of Gruesome Accomplishment (A) / Spaulders of Gruesome Glory (H)
Alternative 3: Shoulders of the Obelisk

Enchantment: Greater Inscription of Charged Lodestone or Lesser Inscription of Charged Lodestone


Best In Show: Bracers of Final Memories

Alternative 1: Fireweave Bracers BEST BUY!
Alternative 2: Spiritmend Bracers BEST BUY!

Enchantment: Scroll of Enchant Bracer – Superior SpellpowerScroll of Enchant Bracers – Greater Spellpower, or Scroll of Enchant Bracer – Healing Power


Best In Show: Deathsilk Gloves BEST BUY!

Alternative 1: Fireweave Gloves BEST BUY!
Alternative 2: Roffle’s Ruffly Gloves

Enchantment: Scroll of Enchant Gloves – Exceptional SpellpowerScroll of Enchant Gloves – Major Spellpower, or Scroll of Enchant Gloves – Major Healing


Best In Show: Spiritmend Cowl BEST BUY!

Alternative 1: Kata-Mary Crown
Alternative 2: Helm of the Typhonic Beast

Enchantment: Arcanum of HyjalArcanum of Burning Mysteries, or Arcanum of the Dragonmaw


Best In Show: Incense Infused Cumberbund

Alternative 1: Pillarbind Waistguard
Alternative 2: Emberfire Belt BEST BUY!
Alternative 3: Triple-Loop Belt

Enchantment: [The best Belt Buckle you can buy]


Best In Show: Cloak of Ancient Wisdom

Alternative 1: Cloak of the Dryads
Alternative 2: Stonebinder’s Cloak
Alternative 3: Thousand Bandage Drape
Alternative 4: Solar Wind Cloak

Enchantment: Scroll of Enchant Cloak – Greater Speed


Best In Show: Eye of Many Deaths BEST BUY!

Alternative 1: Celadon Pendant
Alternative 2: Kuang’s Locket of Secrets
Alternative 3: Heartbreak Charm


Best In Show: Ring of Warring Elements BEST BUY!

Alternative 1: Red Dragonheart Ring
Alternative 2: Spirit Creeper Ring
Alternative 3: Diamant’s Ring of Temperance
Alternative 4: Veneficial Band

Enchantment: [Enchanters Only]


Best In Show: Figurine – King of Boars BEST BUY!

Alternative 1: Blood of Isiset
Alternative 2: Elementium Dragonling (requires ENG)
Alternative 3: Impetuous Query

WEAPON (Staves Only)

Best In Show: Very Manly Staff

Alternative 1: Staff of Siphoned Essences
Alternative 2: Soul Releaser
Alternative 3: Staff of Solemn Secrecy

Enchantment: Scroll of Enchant Weapon – Black MagicScroll of Enchant Staff – Greater Spellpower, or Scroll of Enchant Staff – Spellpower



  1. Why is your best buy for a trinket a strengh buff one and one of the others helps parry rating… surely theres more trinkets you could have chosen ? or is mastery that important?


    • Given Blizzard’s own stated goals (there are some really great blue posts on Spirit) and my own experience in the beta, Spirit looks like its going to be the go-to stat for healing priests in the coming months. You certainly still want to balance it with Int, and could easily switch Spirit for Intellect if you’re finding you don’t have issues with mana return.


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