Disc Priest Cataclysm Gear: Levels 50-60


After level 50, you begin to get into the more exciting areas of Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms. With good gear, you can easily go to Outland at level 58 and acquire far better quest rewards. The very best gear rewards, however, still come from running dungeons.

We’re still maximizing:
Spirit > Intellect > Critical > Haste > Stamina

Check out our Disc Priest Leveling Guide: Levels 50 – 60 (incoming!).

Heirloom gear is not included in this list, but is dicussed here.


An exhaustive list of enchantments would be too exhausting to contemplate, so for each piece I simply recommend one enchantment that I think gets the job done and will serve you well for most of your ten levels. Re-enchanting leveling gear is, I think, neither time nor cost effective given the relatively small benefit you’ll enjoy.



Best In Show: Robe of the Archmage Embrace of the Wind Serpent

Alternative 1: Robe of the Void BEST BUY!
Alternative 2: Truefaith Vestments
Alternative 3: Polychromatic Visionwrap
Alternative 4: Embrace of the Wind Serpent

Enchantment: [Enchant Chest – Greater Stats] or [Enchant Chest – Major Mana]


Best In Show: Skyshroud Leggings

Alternative 1: Leggings of Torment
Alternative 2: Kilt of the Atal’ai Prophet
Alternative 3: Frostweave Pants BEST BUY!

Enchantment: [None until Level 50]


Best In Show: Dragonrider Boots

Alternative 1: Ogreseer Tower Boots
Alternative 2: Maleki’s Footwraps
Alternative 3: Mooncloth Boots BEST BUY!

Enchantment: [Enchant Boots – Minor Speed] or [Heavy Armor Kit]


Best In Show: Mantle of the Timbermaw BEST BUY!

Alternative 1: Azure Moon Amice
Alternative 2: Boreal Mantle
Alternative 3: Devout Mantle

Enchantment: [None until Level 60]


Best In Show: Dryad’s Wrist Bindings

Alternative 1: Flameweave Cuffs
Alternative 2: Magiskull Cuffs BEST BUY!

Enchantment: Enchant Bracer – Mana Regeneration or Enchant Bracer – Greater Intellect


Best In Show: Gloves of Spell Mastery BEST BUY!

Alternative 1: Hands of Power
Alternative 2: Atal’ai Gloves

Enchantment: [Enchant Gloves – Minor Haste]


Best In Show: Cap of the Scarlet Savant

Alternative 1: Emerald Crown of Destruction BEST BUY!
Alternative 2: Dragonskin Cowl

Enchantment: [None until Level 50]


Best In Show: Belt of the Archmage BEST BUY!

Alternative 1: Wisdom of the Timbermaw
Alternative 2: Dustfeather Sash
Alternative 3: Dawnspire Cord

Enchantment: [None until Level 70]


Best In Show: Hide of the Wild BEST BUY!

Alternative 1: Frostweaver Cape
Alternative 2: Bloodmoon Cloak
Alternative 3: Shroud of the Exile
Alternative 4: Spritecaster Cape

Enchantment: [Enchant Cloak – Greater Resistance] or [Enchant Cloak – Greater Defense]


Best In Show: Lady Maye’s Pendant

Alternative 1: Jeweled Amulet of Cainwyn
Alternative 2: Chains of the Lich


Best In Show: Band of Natural Fire

Alternative 1: Seal of Rivendare
Alternative 2: Flaming Band
Alternative 3: Band of Rumination
Alternative 4: Lagrave’s Seal

Enchantment: [None until Level 70 and then enchanters only]


Best In Show: Briarwood Reed

Alternative 1: Power of the High Chief
Alternative 2: Blackhand’s Breadth

WEAPON (Staves Only)

Best In Show: Staff of Balzaphon

Alternative 1: Trindlehaven Staff
Alternative 2: Argent Crusader
Alternative 3: Staff of Hale Magefire

Enchantment: [Enchant 2H Weapon – Major Intellect] or [Enchant 2H Weapon – Major Spirit] (or Lesser versions of either)


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