Disciplinary Action Adventures: Episode #13


Episode #13: Smells Like Orc Spirit

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17 thoughts on “Disciplinary Action Adventures: Episode #13

  1. I love these two so much. xD

    Kachunk reminds me of an orc rogue my sister created one day because I was trying to get the Pilgrim title and couldn’t, for the life of me, find a single orc rogue anywhere (to turn into a turkey). So she made a male orc rogue, and Cerylia came to meet him in her Native American dress. My boyfriend’s paladin came with her, in his pilgrim outfit. We then had the most hilarious RP ever, with the two pretending to battle over my affection. I think the best line was my sister’s–“UGTHAR SMASH PILGRIM” (Yes, he spoke in all caps too. xD)

    I think we succeeded in confusing many low-levels that day, particularly because my server is not an RP server. Hehe!

    Fabulor just makes me laugh. What a name. xD I also find his shorts silly.

    Keep up the great work, these comics are so funny and clever and I love them! :D

  2. Saga says:

    Aww how mean of you! You finished the comic before Kachunk was finished!

    Awesome as always :) Maybe Liala should help Kachunk with that bath? ;)

  3. Lady Erinia says:

    You always make me laugh. (also…new site design? NICE!)

  4. Achloryn says:

    I dunno about Kachunk, but *I* would want to tell Fabulor to put on pants.. Yeesh.. unflattering male hotpants ftl.

  5. The Giant says:

    Love the “Wait, I not finished” at the end. Poor orcy..

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