Reforging And Gems for Discipline Priests in 4.0

Be sure to check out our Discipline Priest Builds for 4.0

The 4.0.1 pre-Cataclysm patch introduces us to the wonderful world of reforging. Blizzard describes it thusly:

Originally a magic brought to the citizens of Azeroth by the Highborne, reforging will provide a new means for players to customize their gear in World of Warcraft: Cataclysm. NPCs offering reforging services will be located in all major cities, ready to assist in customizing items by altering the stats they provide. Players can use reforging to modify an item’s stat values, or to undo any previous changes and allow different customization choices.

So, how do you get all your gear in top working order as a discipline priest? By using this handy guide, of course!


Intellect > Spirit > Mastery > Haste (to 25%) > Crit
If you’re running out of mana, use: Spirit > Intellect > Crit > Mastery > Haste (to 25%)

Temporary Edit: Don’t bother with Mastery right now in 4.0.1. The return on your investment is very, very low for the time being.

You Want…
Intellect: Size of your mana pool
Spirit: Regeneration rate of your mana pool
Critical Strike: The chance a spell will provide be critical (larger than normal)
Haste: The speed at which you cast spells
Mastery: A bonus to your talent tree specialization (mana regen, healing bonus, and PW:Shield bonus for us disc priests)

You Don’t Want…
Hit Rating


Good Gems:
Anything ‘Brilliant’ (+intellect)
‘Energized’ (+haste, +spirit)
‘Forceful’ (PvP only; +haste, +stamina)
‘Misty’ (+crit, +spirit)
‘Nightmare Tear’ (+all stats)
‘Potent’ (+intellect, +crit)
‘Purified’ (+intellect, +spirit)
‘Quick’ (+haste)
‘Reckless’ (+haste, +intellect)
‘Smooth’ (+crit)
‘Sparkling’ (+spirit)
‘Timeless’ (PvP only; +intellect, +stamina)
‘Turbid’ (PvP only; +spirit, +resilience)
‘Wilful’ (PvP only; +intellect, +resilience)

Bad Gems:
‘Accurate’          ‘Bold’                ‘Champion’
‘Deadly’             ‘Defender’        ‘Deft’
‘Delicate’           ‘Etched’            ‘Fierce’
‘Flashing’          ‘Glinting’           ‘Inscribed’
‘Jagged’             ‘Lightning’        ‘Lucent’
‘Mysterious’     ‘Nimble’            ‘Polished’
‘Precise’            ‘Radiant’           ‘Regal’
‘Resolute’         ‘Resplendent’   ‘Rigid’
‘Shifting’           ‘Solid’                ‘Sovereign’
‘Splendid’         ‘Stalwart’          ‘Steady’
‘Stormy’           ‘Subtle’             ‘Veiled’


You can’t change the four primary stats (Stamina, Intellect, Agility, and Strength), but you can modify the eight secondary stats (Spirit, Hit Rating, Expertise Rating, Critical Strike Rating, Haste Rating, Mastery Rating, Parry Rating, and Dodge Rating).

So far, there are no Mastery gems; if you want Mastery stats on your gear, reforging is currently the only way to get it.

You can find yourself on and check out your stats- they’re under your feet. Look at your overall ratings and see where you need improvement, then reforge to pick up anywhere you have low ratings.

Reforgers are located in every capital city; just ask a guard with a map icon for directions.

You Want…                               You Don’t Want…
Spirit                                              Parry
Haste                                              Hit
Critical Strike                                Dodge
Mastery                                         Expertise


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    • For now, I think we’re all in the same boat: Undergeared tanks are squishy, undergeared DPS take longer to zerg down a mob or boss, and undergeared healers run out of mana (and somehow, that always translates to being the healer’s fault, doesn’t it?). It’s no big deal if a group is well-paced and sensible, but hey- how often to you get *that* pug? I recommend running with a guild group whom you know to be semi-rational, and time.

      Lots and lots and lots of time.



  2. If you are running out of mana in dungeons and are not fully geared for heroics, id recommened reforging a lot of your haste into spirit, doing this will slow down your cast speed and increase your mana regain. With the cast time decreased, it gives you more time to build up that extra mana instead of burn it all really fast.

    Thantophobia of Blood Furnace


  3. and also for gems, purified would be the best gems to put in because they increase spirit and intellect, so even if the socket isnt the same color as the gem, i would advice towards putting it in there anyways!

    Thantophobia of Blood Furnace


  4. Enchant ur weapon with “power torrent” stack in int, if the healing spells are good the less u have to heal, so the less mana u need. Use brilliant inferno ruby and reforge haste to spirit also buy a Flask of Flowing Water.


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