Disciplinary Action Adventures: Episode #8


Episode #8: Enter The Paladin

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12 thoughts on “Disciplinary Action Adventures: Episode #8

  1. Saga says:

    Hahaha very good :D

  2. Rades says:

    I’m not sure what I love most about this strip – the name FABULOR, Liala’s offended HEY! or Fabulor’s little mail shorts. Awesome as usual! :D

  3. Achloryn says:

    Oh god.. WHY with the hot pants (btw, are those Cobalt legguards from the Zoram Strand?), dear blood elf? WHY?!?!?! And the name Fabulor… awesome.

    • See above for the actual formula to answer your first question. As for the second, they’re Bloodspattered Leggings, totes OP level 18 greens. Fabulor would NEVER wear the offspec crap of lesser beings!

  4. theanorak says:

    Hmm. I’m not sure whether I’m supposed to be lusting after Liala or Fabulor.

    Think I’ll go with general-purpose lusting, to be on the safe side. *pant*

  5. Llani says:

    Ahhhhhh love it! =)

    That orc is pretty tough though /swoon

    • The next episode is out on Monday, and I promise Kachunk will make a reappearance! (And just read your About page- I’m a geologist, too! Just keep telling yourself, “Mineralogy’s almost over. Mineralogy’s almost over”.)

  6. Wulfy says:

    Hehe. I will never see ‘rolling need in the same way again!

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