Disciplinary Action Adventures: Episode #7


Episode #7: Multiboxed

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13 thoughts on “Disciplinary Action Adventures: Episode #7

  1. ladyerinia says:

    *giggles* You just made my day.

  2. Saga says:

    I have to admit I’d love to try multi-boxing *lol* But I don’t really see myself joining in a dungeon with it.. I’d just like to see how it works when questing.. and I’d only have 2.. cause quite honestly I couldn’t imagine paying for 4 accounts!

    The comic made me laugh though.. Is it just me or are the other 3 doing absolutely nothing? *lol*

    • I’ve got two myself, but I’m not much of a multiboxer (and doing it in LFD is just madness). And yes, I’m sorry to say those other three are standing around lifelessly. It was taken, unfortunately, directly from five or six LFD experiences in a row on my leveling priest.

  3. Rades says:

    I’ve only encountered multi-boxers in battlegrounds…damn 4-box shamans one-shotting everything in sight. *grumble*

    • If it’s being done effectively (and hey, in BGs they’re lethal!), why not? But I swear, every instance my poor leveling priest has been in lately has consisted of her, one tank, and three lifeless bots.

      There’s just no check on it at all, and man, if I were a farmer, that’s all I’d ever do.

  4. Syl says:

    This is why mass-rez will be such a lovely thing in Cata! =D

  5. willow says:

    I can’t stop laughing…but but but….I swear when I box I don’t bring anyone else
    down with me. well, maybe Ixodos, but HE OWES ME!

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