Cataclysm Comic Contest Winner: The Single-Panel Comic

The Cataclysm Comic Contest winners came from all walks of life: a blood elf, a gnome, an orc. The second-place winner, Gnomeaggedon of the incomparable ‘Armageddon’s Coming!’, requested that his one-panel comic also include some reference to his boon companion and sometimes-foe Squidly, a Dranei.  When looking up their exploits on the armory, I discovered that Squidly was a mild-mannered healing Shaman, while Gnomeaggedon was a fire mage with an offspec of… fire. Add to that the gnomic love of PvP Gnomeaggedon expressed, and the type of comic the two friends required became blinding clear. Gnomeaggedon and Squidly, this one’s for you.


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10 thoughts on “Cataclysm Comic Contest Winner: The Single-Panel Comic

  1. Rades says:

    Truly, this would be Gnomer’s dream! These are so awesome! :D

  2. zelmaru says:

    Ahhh that totally cracks me up!

  3. willow says:


    and a little scary….hold me!

  4. Saga says:

    Awesome as usual! I love his little foot up in the air as he’s daydreaming too *lol*

  5. Alas says:

    This made me laugh – I just adore the little moo cow running in terror!

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