Cataclysm Comic Contest: The Winners

The original Cataclysm Comic Contest Announcement

Grand Prize: Rades
Rades will be the focus of a full-length Disciplinary Action Adventures!

Second Prize: Gnomeaggedon
Gnomeaggedon has a single-panel Disciplinary Action Adventure headed his way!

Third Prize: Fox van Allen
Fox will be captured in a thought-provoking Disciplinary Action Adventure portrait!

Winners, please contact as soon as convenient to (a) let me know you know you’ve won and (b) begin the process of immortalizing your character in comic form.

Congratulations to all our winners, and many thanks to all the entrants. The whole process was such a rousing success and exceptionally fun time that we’ll be doing it again in three months! Mark your calendars for December 17th (would that not be the greatest Christmas present ever for a WoW-playing beloved?), and best of luck!


  1. Fox? Fox van Allen?!?!

    Sheesh. Stinkin’ shadow priests with their mind control…

    Um. That came out wrong. What I *meant* to say was, “Please don’t melt my face.”


  2. I never take the time to stop and comment on peoples sites but I had to stop and drop a comment to tell you that I love your site. I find it very unique and entertaining. Keep up the good work. Great post too by the way!


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