Disciplinary Action Adventures: Episode #6


This comic was a part of Laws & Sausages: The Making of Disciplinary Action 

Episode #6: Hope Springs Eternal

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    • lol!! I’ve noticed that partnering up with anyone of the opposite sex is pretty much seen as an invitation for naughty times. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, mind, but sometimes you just wanna kill ten rats.


  1. And for a moment I almost thought the punch line was going to be “Are you done yet?” ❤

    I remember Barrens leveling…the constant drinking, skipping alimony to pay for mana…the Manaholics Anonymous meetings…


  2. You know, that scene actually made me wonder what the orcish equivalent to “wanna come look at my stamp collection?” might be….I have too much imagination!! x)


  3. Aaww poor Kachunk.. he did all that killing for you and get nothing in return!

    Well, at least he helped with some quests first. I once had a random person whisper me with not so much as a pre-lude, just “Hey, wanna cyber?” Obviously I refused since he didn’t even buy me dinner first!


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