Cataclysm Comic Contest: Your Character In Disciplinary Action Adventures

It Could Be YOU!

In honor of the upcoming 4.0.1 patch heralding the coming of the Cataclysm, Disciplinary Action is giving away, free and gratis, three comic prizes for three lucky entrants!

Grand Prize: A full-length Disciplinary Action Adventure cartoon centering around your character! Wewt!!!

Second Prize: A single-frame Disciplinary Action Adventure cartoon featuring your character! Sweet!!

Third Prize: A portrait of your character, in the setting of your choosing, in the style of Disciplinary Action Adventures! Hurrah!

To enter, simply leave a comment here (or, if you’re shy, send us an email at

Winners will be chosen by the good Lady RNG: each entrant will be assigned a number and a Random Number Generator will be employed to choose the third, second, and first prize winners, in that order.

Prize winners will be announced on Twitter @DiscoPriest, listed here, and notified by email. In the event any prize winner does not want their prize or cannot be contacted, each contacted winner will move up a notch and a new third-place winner will be drawn.

Prizes will be drawn Monday, September 27th at high noon (EST).

One entry per player, please. No purchase necessary; void where prohibited; failure to follow directions may result in impotence and vomiting. Disciplinary Action is not responsible for mental injuries resulting from fun-poking, mockery-making, or piss-taking.
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111 thoughts on “Cataclysm Comic Contest: Your Character In Disciplinary Action Adventures

  1. Lara says:

    Please count me in! :)

    (Do I need to do a little dance, too?)

  2. Grimmtooth says:

    Everybody loves a dorf on a chicken.

  3. Syl says:

    The cake might be a lie, but that won’t stop me from posting here. comics ftw :)

  4. Just to be perfectly clear, this comic will be centered entirely around your character; I won’t even think about the idea for it until the character has been chosen and I talk to his or her owner in depth. So exciting :)

  5. Rebecca says:

    Great idea!

    Do you like cookies? Not that I’m trying to bribe or anything… ;)

  6. Aeven says:

    The RNG hates me. And yet… I feel compelled to once again tempt fate :-)

  7. […] All you have to do to enter the competition is leave a comment on Disciplinary Action’s post here, or email her. I’m not duplicating other folks’ email addresses here, so if you prefer […]

  8. Tracey says:

    Sweet! MMO Melting Pot pointed me here – looks like another one for the feed. :)

    Totally entering your contest – I even have a disc priestess, whom I love.

  9. Myst says:

    The possibilities are endless…. fingers crossed!

  10. Chawa says:

    Nervously dips toes into the (entry) pool… :)

  11. antlergirl says:

    This has to be the best contest ever ^^ This deserves a murloc-cookie!

  12. Cold says:

    Sounds like a Great Idea!!! Would love to see one of my characters in print.

  13. Angelya says:

    Ooh Ooh mememe! :D Love the style of your comic <3

  14. Alas says:

    Well, I never win anything but here I am trying again! Sounds like such a fun idea. :D

  15. Saga says:

    Oooh gief comic of meeeeee!

  16. Traxy says:

    Please enter my night elf death knight in your contest. She likes pancakes.

  17. Rades says:

    I, of course, would like to throw my name in the hat!

  18. Vidyala says:

    Oooh oooh Lady RNG pick me. :D (I realize you have no control over this). But regardless of who wins the results are going to be awesome to read, no doubt!

  19. Linedan says:

    I’m in. My panzercowish combination of cuddly and studly cannot be resisted.

  20. Wowopa says:

    My Holy Priest keeps nagging me to enter, so I’m entering =)

  21. Tehcrash says:

    Undead warrior tank with boar tails reporting for duty! Also, I blame @dawnwow for making me enter!

  22. zelmaru says:

    I have a brilliant idea! Pick me pick me!

    And if you don’t pick me, I’ll tell you my idea anyway. You know, later.

  23. Visemotgus says:

    I recently stumbled across the World of Warcraft Graphic Novels and have had a great time reading them and remembering old times. They seem to be written from an Alliance perspective, which is at the same time a new perspective for me, who has been traditionally Horde.

    I think that it would be great fun to read a story about my own character that has been with me for ever so long and is so alive within me (based on memories playing as the character).

  24. Khaas says:

    I would like a chance at this one, great idea.

  25. tanil says:

    I feel like tempting fate today… though she has a tendency to be very fickle.

    Count me in!

  26. […] don’t forget that there’s a raffle going on over at Disciplinary Action, where you can win a DA comic featuring your own character! Check it […]

  27. Endyme says:

    *puts out a variety of confectionary treats and gestures the masseuse to set up his table, then puts out beverages of all sorts, ranging from water to the alcoholic variety*

    Delivery, for Disciplinary Action!

    *whilst a certain someone is disctracted, works on trying to hack the computer so the results are in her favor*

  28. Cynwise says:

    Well, if you have room for a mercenary warlock not overly burdened by scruples… count me in!

  29. Rivs says:

    My Forsaken Mage is superior to all this riff raff. I have now entered this contest, everyone can just /quit now.

    Mages rule, everyone else drools.

  30. I am so entering this on behalf of my pally Foxlight! ;D

  31. This sounds so exciting~ Count me in. :)

  32. […] Action is running a contest, and hope she picks me. Every story needs a villain, and what better than me as a Forsaken […]

  33. coldnox says:

    pick the druid from the rain forest ^^ \o/

  34. Jaster says:

    Ooo just saw this on twitter and I want in on the action!

  35. Apple says:

    I may be a Paladin, but count me in anyway. ;)

  36. ladyerinia says:

    Oh! Very nifty! This would be awesome. Glad I found your blog!

  37. gnomeaggedon says:

    I can haz Gnomeaggedon super hero cartoon?

  38. KiwiRed says:

    Hmmmm, should I suggest Mingledouse (the depressive priest), Dinglemouse (the cowardly tank), Kringlelouse (proof that being allergic to everything is no barrier to being a hunter), Binglerouse (the paladin atheist), Ringleprouse (clumsiness isn’t catching, it’s dropping – admittedly not the best trait to find in a rogue) or Pringlerouse (just because he *looks* like a serial killer…)?

    Note to self: must replace missing 7th dwarf.
    2nd note to self: there’s no such thing as a safe engineering portal.

  39. LabRat says:

    Hell, can’t resist THIS…

  40. stompalina says:

    I wish I had known about the contest sooner! Let me know next time you put something together so I can mention it on Rawrcast!

  41. […] are! For those of you who haven’t yet entered, you still have a few more hours to do so here: Cataclysm Comic Contest: Your Character In Disciplinary Action Adventures. Until noon rolls around, might I offer those of you who are so patiently waiting a musical […]

  42. Duulket Ariakis says:

    This sounds like fun. Count me in.

  43. derevka says:

    Oh this could be fun… :) /enter

  44. James Brooks says:

    Woo, let the lucky times roll :D

  45. Jamie Valerio says:

    Count me in to :)

  46. Bika says:

    Oh damn. I thought I commented earlier! Guess I didn’t hit that pesky “post” button. Good luck, folks!

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  49. […] Full Comic Posted on October 3, 2010 by Disciplinary Action The grand-prize winner of the Cataclysm Comic Contest was a bit of a challenge. In our discussion about the comic, Rades of the inestimable Orcish Army […]

  50. […] had a vision for the bee pit… but I suck at drawing! Then I entered the Disciplinary Action contest – and while I didn’t win, our favorite DiscoPriest was kind enough to make my vision a […]

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