Leveling Challenge: Early Days

In the interests of scientific inquiry, Liala rolled a brand new priest on a brand new server: Liala the Second was born on US-Drenden without a penny to her name. Without heirlooms, without alts, without money of any kind, Liala II is an experiment in leveling a priest in 3.3.5 using wits alone. Follow along, if you dare…

StatusSee Liala II’s progress on the Armory

When you start the first day of the rest of your life with a priest, you come to life equipped with two scant spells: Lesser Heal and Smite. Because I’ve rolled a Blood Elf, I also have the snazzy Arcane Torrent, which silences enemies and restores mana (shweet).

These spells and a dollar will get me a cup of coffee.

Knowing this time around that nothing in the entry area will attack me and- again, unlike last time- understanding that you can actually pick up more than one quest at a time enabled me to sweep through my first ten levels in a scant few hours…

I’ve forgotten how orange Sunstrider Island is. With the orange-and-green color scheme, luscious sunlight and all those tanned, lithe blondes running around, it feels like WoW’s version of 1970’s California.

After only two levels under my belt, I’m embarrassed to say that I was practically barking for Netherweave bags and the 20% experience increase of my heirloom shoulders and chest. I’m afraid I’m going to dream about my Dreadmist Robe, but so far I’ve remained upright and true!

Time To Level

  • 1 to 2: 2 minutes, 5:24-5:26 (including getting my ass handed to me by a lvl 3 Springclaw Lynx).
  • 2-3: 6 minutes, 5:33 – 5:39.
  • 3-4: 10 minutes, 5:39 – 5:49 (including waiting for an Arcane Torrent cooldown, since I didn’t actually read the quest before zapping the first thing I could see).
  • 4-5: 10 minutes, 6:22 – 6:32.
  • 5-6: 20 minutes, 6:35 – 6:55, and I got to go out into the great wide world, where things attack you on sight.
  • 6-7: 11 minutes, 6:55 – 7:06; plus I knocked out my first priest quest by blessing a brace of Silvermoon Rangers
  • 7-8: 53 minutes, 9:32 – 10:25. This stage was seriously held up due to finding out that (a) about a thousand bloggers I know reside on Drenden and (b) one of them was Rades who (c) directed me to a most charming guild, after which I decided having six silver was truly too ridiculous and therefore (d) took my first profession in skinning. Temporary, but deeply satisfying.
  • 8-9: 38 minutes, 10:25 – 11:03. I switched back to my intended professions, Herbalism and Alchemy, simply because I finally figured out where the trainers were. It felt right, Brian. It felt right.
  • 9-10: At 11:29 I finally gave up my quest for ‘ten levels in one evening’; the quests were too spread out, and I’ve always hated leveling in Eversong Woods at the very best of times. So at 30% through I gave up the ghost.

In one solid go-’round, I accumulated 25 levels of Herbalism, none in Alchemy (ouch, but I couldn’t be buggered to go find a vial vendor), and 34 silver, 17 coppers in dirty, filthy lucre. I visited a trainer last at level 6, so I’m completely off on which spells I should have by now- no matter, since I can’t afford to train them anyway!

Ancestral Robe: GearScore of 4, suckahs!

I also obtained 4- and 6-slot bags from drops and some lovely GearScore 4 robes (bringing the total GearScore up to… four), forgot to skin practically everything skinnable I killed whilst I was a temporary skinner, tied PW: Shield to the wrong hotkey so that instead of Shield I gave myself Fortitude every seven seconds, and generally pottered around like a fool after I hit level 7. And I died five times (that I’m willing to admit).

Power Word: Fortitude every 30 minutes, then Power Word: Shield before I attacked a creature with my Smite, adding in a very, very mana costly Shadow Word: Pain in emergencies or for large creatures before I started with the Smiting. Occasionally I whacked things with my stick, when mana ran unaccountably dry.

After the stick-whacking started I pretty much inevitably died, but the fabulous thing about being an under-10 is there are positively no consequences for dying! I’m afraid I rather took advantage of that fact, but tomorrow’s level 10 crackdown will most certainly eject me from those lucky ranks.

Until then, bubble yourself first, gentle readers.


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