Liala’s Priest Leveling Challenge

I get a lot of mail asking about alternatives to heirloom gear for people without sugar daddy 80’s. It’s one of the reasons that the Discultimate Gear Guide is dedicated to non-heirloom leveling gear.

A particular email struck me, though:

“So, I don’t have any level 80 characters, and I don’t have any heirlooms. How long has it been since you leveled your priest? Will it take me forever without them?”

I had to ask myself how long it had actually been since I leveled my priest- and… phew, it’s been a while. More than two years!

It feels like just yesterday, gentle readers, and I’ve been writing the leveling portions of the blog from the excellent memories of those days. But things change, and it’s been positive ages since I’ve tried to level all on my own.

No moneybags alts to keep me rolling in dough. No free enchanting mats, no maxed-out bags. No enchanter at the ready, no jeweler to cut on command. No solo-running low-level instances to pick up the best blue for your alt’s level and shipping it off to them.

When Cataclysm drops, lots of people will be playing WoW for the first time. Even now, we’re rolling alts on new servers to pass the time, or to lay the groundwork for multiple alts on a new server (I don’t know about you guys, but I hit my realm’s character max light years ago- and I NEED a goblin and Tauren drood, dammit!).

It’s time to revisit the leveling process for priests. I’ve decided to roll a brand-new priest on a brand-new server.

I chose Drenden-US, which is another server on my Battlegroup whose members I’ve always enjoyed PUGging with, and where I have no other alts. And because I did it Alliance last time, I’ve chosen to go with the Horde.

Say hello to my leetle friend...

Feel free to stop by any time to say hello. She’s taking her first steps tonight… Let the games begin!


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