All Done.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled blog. If you’re accessing Disciplinary Action from a feed reader, visit and check out our sweet new digs! Very special thanks to Saga for the inspiration behind our renovation- extra bubbles for her.

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11 thoughts on “All Done.

  1. zelmaru says:

    Wow that new setup really kicks ass. I love the comic/dominatrix theme.

  2. Saga says:

    This looks awesome! Who made the images? They’re gorgeous!

    And yay for extra bubbles for me for having a lewd imagination :P

    • All thanks to you, lady! I’m guilty of making everything but the sketch in the title block background, which I stole (but credited, so hopefully he won’t smack me) from B.D. Patton, an artist who used the sketch to apply for a job drawing for Blizzard- which job I sincerely hope he gets!

      I’m happy to walk through the graphic How To if anyone particularly wants to know how it came together, though I won’t bore the pants off everyone until specifically ordered to do so. :)

  3. willow says:

    very awesome! and perhaps….dun dun dun…..25% BIGGER!!!

    • /tackle!!

      I totally Giant Feasted this blog shiz. You’re a ghost lately, gal! I need some Willow-time to trick into believing a guild Sunwell run is a rilly, rilly good idea. And, y’know, just to shoot the breeze!

  4. And why did no one say, “Hey, Liala, ‘mayhem’ isn’t spelled like that. Ur doin it wrng.”?

  5. Rades says:

    What an amazing new layout! Very eye-catching, stylized and VERY unique. I like it a lot, very awesome! :D

    • Too kind, R, too kind! I originally intended it to be a one-week, throw-away thing, but it keeps making me giggle (so I suppose I’ll keep it this way until it no longer does!).

      And I was just reading your post about making Vid kill (okay, okay, *assist* in he killing of) a dranei- I had no idea you were on Drenden! My leveling priest is over there. Give a shout if you get bored.

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