What Happened?!

I cut my finger off!

Oh, if only I were joking, gentle reader.

Please excuse my extended and inexcusable absence. Due to the extreme nature of my self-inflicted injury, I’ve been on some pretty serious pain meds (woo hoo!) and exceptionally disinclined to do anything whatsoever requiring my right hand. Typing is a bore and mouse-using is just plain wrong.

Luckily for all concerned, the offending digit- well, digit tip, I shouldn’t overstate the situation- has been thwarted in its attempts to start a new life for itself independent of the rest of the body and is /wigglefinger… good as new!

(Possibly better. I suspect it may contain bionic components and fight crime while I’m asleep.)

Please bear with me while I continue to recuperate; rest assured I am devouring Cataclysmic priest information and will regurgitate it, well-filtered, when the whole pain situation dies down and typing becomes less of a chore.

My most sincere and heart-felt gratitude to those who noted my absence and, in some astonishing cases, missed me. I have missed our excellent discussions and my beloved guildmates more than I care to say.

And to prove my devotion, here’s a free tip for priests and non-priests alike: Don’t turn around when someone calls your name if you are simultaneously slicing tomatoes.



  1. !! :O This makes me cringe! Hope you heal up fast and pain-free! Is your finger now like Inspector Gadget’s, and flips up to reveal a flashlight/laser? 😀


    • I wish I could claim it sprang forth from my fevered imagination, but sadly real life gets credit for the inspiration- but thank you! And I really should’ve gotten them to stick some quick buttons in there while they were at it.


  2. YIKES!!!!

    I noted you weren’t around, but with so many WoWers and Bloggers on pre-Cata hiatus, I kinda assumed it was just you enjoying yourself.

    Sorry about the “unintentional operation”, and am glad you’re getting better!

    Car fans, Ginsu knives and agressive bus doors are to be feared!


    • I did take a hiatus for about a week of travel, but then two days after everything calmed down…! And I’ve been reading Cata nonsense like a fiend. Nothing beats the real thing, though!

      I’ll give your regards to my chef’s knife (not a Ginsu- sadly? luckily?) but a serious piece of equipment which clearly deserves more respect than I gave it.


  3. I just derailed ICC with my huge intake of breath when I read the first line. eep!

    I am SO sorry. I was actually starting to think I should check your local news to see if a tornado sucked you all to Pluto. (hey, I’m morbid.)

    Glad you’re alive….ouch.

    (we’ve talked about your guild-wide buff of 25% bigger almost every day…you are greatly missed. we luffs you!)

    also…why didn’t you shield yourself before knifing the fruit??


  4. Very glad you’re back!
    Your tip is duly noted, as I have a tendency to do similar things myself. Although I usually have accidents with small electrical appliances rather than knives.
    Hope it’s stopped hurting.


  5. That… sounds unpleasant! I was thinking you’d just decided to take a longer break and were off adventuring somewhere – hope you’re back to full strength soon!


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