The Disc Priest Face Pull (A How-To Guide)

Step 1

Enter ToC 10 with your guild mates. Accidentally doze off during the explanations of the fight (hey, you’re not a DPS!).

Step 2

Penance your way to the Twin Valk’yr fight.

Step 3

Sneak out to the bathroom when the fight is explained and come back just in time to hear what color of bubble you should be bathing in.

Step 4

Run frantically in confusion towards the appropriately colored bubble right next to the boss.

Step 5

Greet the Twin Val’kyr you’ve just pulled with a hearty hello.

Step 6


Step 7

Acquire your new guild nickname, “Lerooooooy Jenkins!”. Change your title to the appropriate ‘Jenkins’ subheading in perpetuity.

Step 8

Enjoy the power of your new position by reveling in requests that you ‘Jenkins this boss’ every single time you encounter one in guild raids.

Congratulations! You are now the face-pullin’-est priest in your realm!



  1. Step 9: Learn you’ll never be able to live it down. No, they’ll never forget what you did any more than the tank who forgot frost presence on Rotface 3 times after having to swap to blood on Festergut, or the tank way back when who forgot to put all his tank gear back on and wasn’t def capped on 25 man patchwerk, or the person who purposefully suicides himself every week as a good omen or the healer who was topping the charts with level 70 ranks of spells… or or or or…


  2. Oh we never forget. We never do. We still laugh at our GM who was the frost gear tank in SSC back in TBC on that big water elemental looking dude. He ran in and almost instantly died.. yelling at the healers WTF where was my healing??? Only to promptly realise he hadn’t been wearing his resistance gear.

    We never forget!

    Of course I – personally – has NEVER made a mistake *cough cough* I never, you know.. taunted the wrong mob.. (that turns around and cleaves the entire raid) and I never .. eh.. misplaced some ability because I just re-did my UI *cough* Oh and I definitely never wondered what the hell was wrong with my bars – where were all my skills? Oh wait, I was Arms for some reason..whoops.. maybe that’s why my Defensive Stance bar is almost empty.. Oh well..


    • No, no, not us! Only the absolute worst healers realize after the tank is dead that they’d been targeting themselves the whole time instead of the tank. Not that I know anyone who’s ever done that, of course.


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