Self Discipline: I’d Like To Thank The Academy…

Around Azeroth

My screenshot was featured on Around Azeroth on this week! I had no idea it had been accepted until I started flipping through the archives- neato!!

Around Azeroth: Sliding Delta


  1. Oh I was admiring that on and I had no idea it was yours – squeeeeeeeee!

    And it is completely beautiful.

    On a side note, I’ve started _another_ priest and I’m having to make disco/holy decisions… I may be here more often…!


    • Nice!! I just *know* it’ll be a disc priest, right? 🙂 I started as a Holy, but moved over in the late 70’s; I’m not sure if it’s easier that way, but it certainly was a bear to level! And thanks for the kind words!


      • I was angling for advice 🙂 I know… it was subtle! I only ever disco-ed at 80 – is it viable as a spec to heal ‘gogogo’ tanks in PuG instances whilst levelling…?


      • I have two little baby priests on random servers (one of which is our delightful Argent Dawn!); both of them are in their 30’s now. One I took up through Shadow, and the other one I took through Disco just to be able to write intelligently about the process here (since my main leveled as Holy).

        The Disc is FAR easier than the Holy was to level, in my view. It felt to me that the Holy spec just wasn’t up to the standard PUG.

        My own theory on this is that in PUGs up to 80 you’re still mainly going to run into tanks who are having a ton of trouble with aggro (through no fault of their own, sometimes), and you do a ridiculous amount of party healing and shielding.

        When I PUG at any level, nine times out of ten I’ll be healing the tank, myself, and the DPS with the ridiculously high gearscore who’s drawing all the hits (sometimes that’s ALL the DPS!).

        I do have a Holy spec ready to go when I’m raiding and know I’ll need to heal one tank and one tank only. In single-target, it *cannot* be beat. But that specialization just kills you in the random PUG.

        (And for some reason I can’t reply to your reply, only my own reply! Why does this only happen when I’m communicating with you, Pilf?! New name, Pilf: Destroyer of WordPress).


  2. *nods* it’s true, now I can’t reply either. This is why I blog on Blogger, because WordPress hates me and wants me dead.


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