Self Discipline: Not My Meteor Chaser’s Raiment!

Take My Life, But Leave The Gearscore!

Today for the first time I heard someone refer to running a dungeon in “old Wrath gear”, and it took a good three minutes for that to sink in.

In the not-so-distant future, we will see: “Oh, God, he’s wearing a frost emblem cloak. What a failtank.”



One comment

  1. Well, I’ve seen that basic idea thrown around, but never in that precise way. Usually it’s “ugh, he’s only got T9” or somesuch.

    Then again, I didn’t start playing until rougly a year ago, so I don’t have the same reference for the obsolescence of older tier/content gear.

    (but I admit, I was damn proud of my Bulwark of the Ancient Kings< and wore it for a looong time.)


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