Honor Roll: Tanks Who Do It All Night Long

Go On, Take A Bow

To every yin, there is a yang. For every Do Not Resucitate tank, there is an Honor Roll tank, and it would be remiss of me to leave out the most pleasant of tanks just because the bad ones piss me off so badly.

In the spirit of all good tanks everywhere, we present you with the Honor Roll: to honor those tanks who we have run with in the past and would run with a thousand times more, through the most boring of Outland instances to the most challenging of Lich King 25-mans! It’s the peanut butter to our Do Not Resuscitate list’s jelly.

If you would like to add a tank to this database, please email us at disciplinaryaction at yahoo dot com with the name, server (US or EU), and reason why we should run in adulation towards instances and raids with them in it, with or without your own name. If you’re trying to figure out whether you should run that pick-up raid, check out the list to make sure you’ll be in good hands with these excellent players who make it more fun for everyone.

The Honor Roll is located here.

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