Holier Than Thou: Eye of the Beholder

Northrend is hell on Cerulean Blue stocks...

I’M A FOOL for screenshots. Show me a striking cliffside view or the fading light fanning out from the edges of the Tanaris desert, and I’m yours. I have enormous respect for those photographers of WoW (WoWtographers) who can truly set up the ultimate shot, and in so doing remind me of the truly striking beauty of Azeroth.

OstensiblyWoW: Unreal. My all-time favorite WoWtographer. His Worldview series made me actually like Azshara, a thing I could not conceive of doing before I set eyes on his shots.

Around Azeroth: WoW.com’s long-running column featuring screenshots from a wide variety of wowtographers.

Postcards From Azeroth: For when you care enough to send the very best… virtually.

Sector2X: A small basic repository of stock character images without a word of explanation.

Need moar! Please let us know if you know of a great wowtographer.


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