PUGtales: Macros For The Insane

Herald Volazj Isn't The Only One Who Makes Us Crazy

I WANT- NAY, need- to make /partyspeak macros for the most virulently bad heal-ees out there. I’m tired of trying to splutter out something insulting on the fly. We must codify our rage, and it would behoove us to pool our resources.

So, what would be your macro response to:

  • “why u no heal me?”
  • “rex plz”
  • Pulls while you’re drinking
  • Soultap
  • DPS aggro-draw

I’ll post the list of winners, along with codes for all the macros, up hynah when we’re found our winners.



  1. “Pulls while drinking” is my biggest pet peeve:

    “A thirsty priest means a dead tank. But you go on ahead. I’m sure you can handle it.”


  2. Bit late to the party:

    Suggested response to “why you no heal me”:

    /say The following is a macro in response to some prick asking me why I wasn’t healing him or her. Rest assured the answer is one of the following:
    /say * I was stunned
    /say * I was silenced
    /say * You had run out of my line of sight
    /say * You are an utter fucktard and I could not deny myself the pleasure of watching you die in a fire
    /say I hope this message answers the question to your satisfaction.


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