Holier Than Thou: Flavors Of The Week

Star-Crossed Bloggers

Leaf-head runs around as a healer and a tank and manages to blog about both with the kind of elevated literary witticisms you find in Chaucer and Stewart (but never here. Suxxorz for you).

Aggro Management mulls over issues raised in other posts, in the upbeatiest way possible with a profanity count equal to my own- well done, indeed.

Spinksville is for Warriors (and lovers), but he waxes lyrical about all manner of general interest things, and keeps up with the goings-on at Blizzard with admirable attention. Plus, I love that he compares LFD to chatroulette. Bonus points.

And I’ve only just realized that all of these bloggers are all members of Single Abstract Noun, into which I’ve just ejected my own miniature version of myself (Liala was taken! It’s Lialah now, bitches). And reading AggroManagement’s post on the same thing reminded me that I absolutely could’ve loaded her up with heirlooms, money, and a kiss on the forehead before moving her over to Argent Dawn. Blast.


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